Monday, March 14, 2011

Threats at McGill

Last week I went to a Conservative McGill/ Libertarian McGill event. It was a showing of the excellent documentary Indocrinate U. It is about the overwhelming leftists bias on University campuses in the US ( applies just as much to Canada). There were maybe 20 people in the room. It was announced before and was open to the McGill committee.
Afterwards I went out for coffe with Brendan Stevens , Kevin Pidgeon and Zach Paikin of the Prince Arthur Herald. It had been a pleasant evening.
A few days later I was told by friends from Conservative McGill about a student who had been in the room and had threatened us all with violence. Read his twitter feed above. He has deleted his twitter account but there multiple people who have screen shots of his twitter feed. I didn't see this person, but there is a picture of him at the event and he was tweeting that he wanted to kill us all while at the event. The police and administration are already involved. The story was reported today in the McGill Tribune. I hope these are just the ramblings of a an immature fool, but many of the students who were at the event, and  even I am a bit spooked.

 Watch the movie that so inflamed this person.

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