Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saulie Zajdel, CPC Mont Royal!!

Former City Councillor Saulie Zajdel is now the Tory candidate in Mont Royal. This is great news. He will give Irwin Cotler a run for the money. Saulie was a city councillor for many years and is beloved by all!

But, like Scarpaleggia, Cotler has seen his level of support fall in every one of his four federal election victories, from a staggering 81.2 per cent support in 2000 down to 55.6 per cent in 2008. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have gone from 8.6 per cent support in 2004 to 27.3 per cent in 2008.

Rodolphe Husny in Outremont and Saulie Zajdel in Mont Royal will be a formidable team in the heart of Montreal.

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