Sunday, March 20, 2011

Salim Mansur on Libya and Japan

I agree with Prof Mansur that Japan with the help of its western allies will indeed recover.

The terrifying natural disaster from the tsunami that swept through a part of Japan, leaving in its massive surge coastal areas wrecked and human casualties still being counted, also ironically swept from the headlines the man-made wreckage of Libyan towns and people by Moammar Gadhafi’s gangsters.

Japan will recover from the wreckage wrought by the tsunami, as it did after the terrible destructions of the Second World War. It is a modern country, and the Japanese are a gifted people. They are proud, resilient, patriotic — and since 1945, a people devoted to peace having absorbed full well the lessons from the criminality of war.

Two weeks ago, I indicated Gadhafi likely will prevail, with his military forces unleashed without any compunction against the opposition. Gadhafi will have done this by taking lessons from the pages of Arab-Muslim history — an Arab ruler must not hesitate to lop off as many heads as necessary to quell the notion that people have rights, and to put fear into the hearts and minds of the rest of the population lucky to survive their ruler’s wrath.

The practice of Arab rule is the pre-modern principle that the prince is absolutely sovereign, and he remains so as long as he, surrounded by a loyal coterie, can hold his threatening scimitar above the people.

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