Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rex on more grit hypocrisy

The grit contempt for parliament is legendary. So says Rex. grits and their supporters think it is a grit right to be in power and loot the treasury. The grits are entitled to their entitlements. The people of Canada or on to the grit pattern of abuse of power. It's time for a Tory majority or we'll end with a grit dipper separatist coalition.

Rex Murphy: Liberals hope to sell a civics lesson as a campaign theme

Why are we having an election? According to the Liberals, it’s because Stephen Harper is choking Canadian democracy, and, most of all, because he treats Parliament with contempt. That’s ripe from the Liberal party. When it enjoyed unrivalled electoral sway, as it seemingly did forever, it inscribed the A in Autocratic. It was led by Pierre Trudeau, who thought so much of Parliament that he described its elected members as “nobodies.”

When last in power, the Liberal party went on for a full year about fixing the parliamentary “democratic deficit” without of course actually doing anything about it. Any party with Jean Chr├ętien at its helm for 10 years knows more than a little about playing roughhouse with the House of Commons, and has grown totally comfortable with the art of neutering its own backbench. It’s because of this history, as much as anything else, that the Liberals’ claim that the election is about restoring democracy has no force behind it.

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