Sunday, March 20, 2011

pat and david make fools of themselves

Here is HM Minister Oda's statement and the dipper attack dog martin. david mcguinty isn't any better. This Sun editorial is spot on.

If you can get by the foam coming from the mouths of the Liberal-NDP coalition's two attack dogs, respectively MPs David McGuinty and Pat Martin, then May 2 appears to be the day Canadians will be forced to the polls.

Ottawa is such a busy place, however, that it is often difficult to keep track of all the side shows.


wilson said...

from the article

''...It's such a disgusting abuse of process that it has never been used before in Canada's history.

...But it hardly warrants foisting an unwanted election on Canadians through a historic, unprecedented contempt of Parliament declaration based solely on shallow partisan politics.

That, in itself, is contemptuous

been around the block said...

Who the Hell (pardon my French) does Pat Martin think he is? He came across as a potentate, arguing with the chairperson, Mr. Preston, Minister Oda, and CIDA President Margaret Biggs.

Big, puffed out chest, contempt dripping in his voice, interrupting everyone at every turn, not allowing anyone to answer his rambling questions -- and then accusing Ms. Oda of taking to much time to answer his questions: Absolutely unbelievable arrogance and swagger.

This guy's first in line for some hubris. You can't treat people and the parliamentary process with such utter contempt and vile disrespect and think you're going to get away with it because you're "special" and above the process.

I've seldom seen such a display of swaggering arrogance as Pat Martin's in this clip. He's a disgrace to Parliament and there should be some way of disciplining this sorry excuse for an MP.

As for where the heck Olivia Chow and Jack Layton are in respect to Mr. Martin's over-the-top abuse of all of the women he questioned -- and his self-important opinions about whether or not they had answered to his liking, which neither had, indicated by his verbal hammer coming down every time one of them opened their mouths -- it's disgraceful that they've remained silent. The NDP always talk a good line when it comes to people's "rights," but they all too often don't walk the talk, though they're happy to live off the people's looney times about a million and a half.

NDP = Never Dependable or Polite

been around the block said...

NDP = Nasty, Depraved and Pathetic

Growling Tiger said...

May 2 is the day when I eat politicians. Stephen Harper will probably taste like rotten fruit and Iggy will taste like overripe bananas.

I Support Lord Black