Monday, March 28, 2011

No one believes iffy

A few days ago I wrote I don't believe iffy on the separatists socialist, near socialist agenda.
Apparently no oine believes iffy.

OTTAWA - Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff tried to be as clear as he could on Sunday.

"We're ruling out a coalition," Ignatieff told reporters in Montreal.

And yet, according to an exclusive new poll commissioned by QMI Agency, most Canadians - including his own supporters - simply don't believe him.

Leger Marketing surveyed 1,119 Canadians Saturday and Sunday and asked, among other things, if they believe Ignatieff when he says he's "ruling out a coaliton." Only 17% of those surveyed were prepared to take him at his word.

And even among those who identified themselves as Liberal voters, 35% do not believe their leader's claim while just 32% do believe him. Nearly half of all NDP supporters, two-thirds of BQ supporters and 86% of Tory supporters aren't buying what Iggy's selling when it comes to the coalition.

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