Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No May at debates

Excellent decision by the broadcast consortium. may was not elected and will not be elected. Her party has never has no elected members. She should not be at the debate. I also think there should be one on one debates between iffy and Stephen Harper.

Elizabeth May not invited to leaders’ TV debates

By Cindy E. Harnett

VICTORIA — Green leader Elizabeth May says a broadcast consortium’s decision to exclude her from a televised leaders’ debate is “breathtakingly anti-democratic.”

She is calling on Canadians to rise up and to register their disapproval.

“It’s very important that in the next few hours that Canadians from coast to coast express their concerns,” May told the Victoria Times Colonist. “Otherwise, the old-boys’ club will win.”

Consortium spokesman Marco Dube told media Tuesday only the four leaders whose parties are in the House of Commons — Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois — are invited to take part.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that Duceppe should have the right to the debates as he represents only a portion of the Canadian public, the rest of whom can't vote for him...So he should debate Harper one to one in Quebec in English and French.

ward said...

I think most are missing the point.

Why was LM allowed in the previous debate but not this one? What has changed?

Lizzie is not a charter member of the coalition and as such any face time she gets in the debate will potentially bleed support from the coaliton. That is what has changed.

lois said...

I read today that before the last election a sitting Liberal had changed his colour to sit for the Greens; so even though NONE had been elected, by doing that there was a 'Green member' in parliament. The Liberals had wanted May in the debates; I'd guess it was to help Dion out with the Green Shift since he was doing so poorly & to make the gang-up on Harper more effective.
Is this person still in the Green party? If not, then I guess it was just another sneaky way to get what they wanted since it's been stated many times that leader should take part in the debates unless they actually have a member in parliament.

lois said...

A quick google: Liberal-turned independent-wooed by May to turn Green-gave May the *Green MP* she needed to get into the debates.
How can that even happen, cross the floor to ?? where? - a party that isn't even there?
No wonder parliament is such a dysfunctional place when things like that are allowed to happen; looks like there's more than one way to sneak in the back door.

CJ said...

"...was not elected and will not be elected. Her party has never had any elected members..."

Those are good reasons Doc -- and Ward may have a point there -- but an even more relevant one is that she was such a pain in the *** at the last debate that nobody wants her back.

been around the block said...

Simply put, Ellie May hasn't earned a place at the table.

'Funny she doesn't understand this: full-blown Leftard Entitlement Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

The only thing anti-democratic about this debate is if Liz May is allowed to attend. I also don't agree that the Bloc should be present.
Sour grapes - No tickeee, no laundly.

E Mac

L said...

This is TV and there are no "rights" to be invited. The other fringe parties are not invited either. May is, frankly, bad TV, so their decision is correct, if the goal is to have voters watch the debate. Her participation in 2008 was such a bad smell that it turned off tthe voters. Duceppe should not really be there either at the English debate, but Anglos across the country need to know how devisive and locally-focused this party is.

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