Monday, March 28, 2011

No coalition in 2004

gilles duceppe has been busy calling Stephen Harper a liar. he says there was a coalition between the bloc, dipper and Tories. What nonsense. Hear it form duceppe's own mouth. duceppe is the liar. duceppe and the bq is bad for Quebec and bad for Canada.

It is the grits dippers and BQ that have a hidden agenda. They want to form a coalition.


been around the block said...

Thanks for these videos, Dr. Roy. I'm sending them to as many people on my e-mail list as I can, to put a lie to the NDP, Bloc, LPC, and media's coalition spin in their attempts to discredit the CPC and our fine Prime Minister.

What utter scumbags. Our media is corrupt.

Sean M said...

Duceppe is a racist liar and a thief. The media aren't much better with their obvious shilling for the Liberal/Separatist/NDP coalition. Shameful behaviour from the media in not challenging this low life Separatist liar. The media and the Separatists are on the same team, both trying to get the Liberals inserted into the PMO. Disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

The suggestion by the partners in Count ignatieff's coalition that there was a coalition agreement between the socialists, separatists and the Conservatives in 2004 is not only specifically denied by both the NDP and Bloc leaders in 20004, but is confirmed by the utter lack of any such coalition when the Conservatives won the 2006 election. The actual conduct of all parties since 2006 only confirms that there was no coalition agreement in place in 2004.
The fact that the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition partners fully intend to justify and implement a coalition government after this election is only confirmed by Duceppe, Layton and Count Ignatieff trying to use revisionist historical arguments that a precedent was established in 2004.
If they were really opposed to a coalition after this election they would simply stick to the fact that there was no coalition in 2004 and there will be none in 2011. The truth is they need to establish the push to defeat the Liberals as a "coalition" in 2004so that they can justify their actions to implement their coalition agreement after this election.

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