Monday, March 21, 2011

More Polls

 So the Ipsos Reid poll shows the Tories are most trusted and the grits at the bottom when it comes to honesty. Not a surprise, the libranos history of corruption is well known.

28 per cent of Canadians believe the Conservatives, if reelected, would do the best job of "providing honest, open and trustworthy government."

. 22 per cent believe the NDP would do the best job of this.

. Just 15 per cent say the Liberals would be best at providing honest, open and trustworthy government....

When it comes to the party that can do the best job at "making sure our economic recovery continues," 37 per cent chose the Tories, while significantly fewer believe the Liberals (20 per cent) or NDP (14 per cent) are best positioned to do this.

Thinking about which party would "keep taxes under control," 36 per cent believe the Conservatives are best able to do this, while fewer believe the Liberals (17 per cent) or NDP (16 per cent).

One in three (33 per cent) believe the Conservatives would do the best job at "spending taxpayers money wisely," while others believe the NDP (18 per cent) or Liberals (16 per cent) would do the best job of this.

A Nanos poll with an 11 point Tory lead is being spun as bad news. HM PM Harper's personal rating went fromm 99 to 83. iffy is at 40! More spin from
grit free campaign team.


Anonymous said...

Those who voted for the NDP must not have seen the videos of Pat Martin. Heaven help us if he and his cronies got in.
BTW. I sent an email to the speaker of the house expressing my disgust at Martin and McGuinty for the way they interrogated the Minister.
Everybody should send one and let them know they can't get away with tactics like that - absolutely disgusting.

stageleft said...

You forgot to mention the part where the largest chunk of Canadians (29%) said that "none of the above" could be trusted to deliver honest, open, and trustworthy government.

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