Thursday, March 03, 2011

More hrc nonsense

Human Rights commissions stiffle speech and try and enforce political correctness in the extreme. I would happy if they were all abolished or if there wer such stupid laws that they at least be dealt with by judges. The victim industry in this country gets a lot of money from the government and a lot of the left is funded in this way. It's time to stop this kairos is only one of hundreds of NON Governmental organizations that get funding. They should all be defunded. They are non governmental agencies. Why should taxpayer money go to these leftist or right wing organizations.

Silly Quebec right ruling attacks church

The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal (QHRT) came out with a very controversial — make that silly — decision two weeks ago.

It ordered the city of Saguenay to stop reciting a Christian prayer before meetings of the municipal council, to withdraw any religious symbols — namely a religious statue and the crucifix — from its public spaces and ordered the city pay Alain Simoneau, the complainant, $30,000.

This judgement confirms what many of us have being fearing for many years: Our country is slowly moving from being a democratic society where decisions are made by elected officials towards one ruled by a totalitarian government of judges.

It takes for granted that, left to themselves, democratically elected city councillors or members of Parliament would allow the tyranny (in this case, religion) of the majority to oppress our minorities. It implies human-rights commissions and tribunals, on the other hand, are made up of altruistic commissioners and judges working for our common good.

This is pure anti-democratic, politically correct nonsense!


Anonymous said...

Last year i filed a Complaint against my Employer (Charter bank)
that now had a Official Policy to force Employees to be complict in the funding and moral support of a public event that breaks the Law for Child-abuse Crimes and the Sec 174 of the Criminal code.
Yes folks, after 25 years with a Big bank I told them to shove-it and that I WILL NOT agree to Child-abuse or Crimes against Children by males the display a Quasi-pedophilia desire to expose themself to little girls and boys.

The Bank accepted by Letter to decline to be part of Child-abuse by-proxy or endorse Crimes to children as part of my Employment terms.
In 2008 the Bank started to fund thses Child-abuses in public, I was
a Whistle-blower that tried to warn them that the funding of Community events had a Illegal aspect for what I said bordered on condoning Pedophiles that have the Human Rights Commission protecting them.

The HRC sent me a Notice that my Complaint was to be Dismissed if I didn't make it clear for the Harm I suffered in sec.34 by my Employer.
Barbara Hall must be a pretty sad case to take sides with a Corporation that fials to inform Share Holders that revenues help fund child-abuse or displays that break the Laws in canada.
No Emploer in Onatari of canada should have the Right to force workers to condone and fund Child-abuse or endorse Pedophilia as a Human Right for a few really sick men enjoying the child-2-adult relationship. My Rights to a safe Workplace free of being forced to agree to being Complict in Child-abuse should be Protected by the HRC in Ontario.
But the leftist wacko Pinko's have Hijacked the Charter Of Rights to apply it to men that want to be naked in front of little girls and boys.

Amazing how the HRC has become a Cash-4-life scheme to employ lawyers and help non-citizens gets Tax-free money once in canada because they had their Feelings hurts.
Next we'll see the HRC protect the Rights to teach in Schools how Muhammed raped a child that was 9 when he was in his 50's.
I never thought Pedophilia was going to be a Right. I don't feel sorry for the Bank that ignored my warnings , and just wait until the CRA looks into this Corp. because it has a Charity Status for a Kids Foundations but then funds Child-abuse in Toronto by quasi-pedophiles under the Divercity banner created by Miller and the old Mayor Hall now at the HRC.

I send a warning letter to a NDP MPP that was at the event that had the Child-abuse by these sick males, I informed the MPP that child-abuse and Pedophilia is a Crime and i had pictures of them at the event along with several Liberal M.P's trying to win votes from the Child-abuse voters.

Pissedoff said...

Hudak had better keep his promise to get rid of the OHRC and Boobs Hall.

I Support Lord Black