Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maxime Bernier

Had the pleasure of seeing a lot of friends at a fundraiser for Maxime Bernier at the historic Mont Royal Club in Montreal! The Rt Honourable Brian Mulroney gave a great speech. Maxime seemed genuinely pleased by the large turnout and by the presence of one of his mentors, Brian Mulroney. There was a big crowd and everyone had a wonderful time. Our Outremont Candidate Rodolphe Husny was there as well.


Anonymous said...

Any politician wanting to get ahead should avoid Lyin Brian Mulroney . The crooked red Tory is bad news wherever he goes.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Were the donations to Maxime made in cash?

Anonymous said...

I find it highly questionable that Mr. Bernier comes all the way from Beauce to take the major donors from Westmount for their maximum allowed donation...And with the help of the local Conservatives, to the detriment of the local riding Association.

I Support Lord Black