Wednesday, March 23, 2011

L. Ian Macdonald on Budget 2011

L.Ian Macdonald thinks that the Tories will have an easy time running on this budget. I tend to agree. It looks like I am wrong ( certainly not the first time and definitely not the last) and there will be an election. The Tories are very ready for an election. I guess the grits have gone cap in hand begging to the many banks they will need to finance this ill advised election. I don't think I can tolerate a month of whining iffy. If there is to be an election so be it. Our candidate in Outremonet Rodlophe Husny is ready!

Jim Flaherty's sixth budget isn't about economic policy or fiscal frameworks. It's a political statement, one to run on in an election in the event the government is defeated on it.

And it may well be, after Jack Layton jumped his own gun and announced in the lobby of the Commons Tuesday that the NDP would "not be supporting the budget in its present form."

Would he be open to amendments? Sure, but he couldn't really see how an election could be avoided at this point.

The NDP had put it out that Layton would sleep on it Tuesday night, and announce his decision after meeting his caucus on Wednesday morning. But that's Layton for you.

This is a budget for the Conservatives to campaign on, a consumer budget aimed squarely at middle-class voters and families. Consider, for example the Children's Arts Tax Credit of up to $500 of expenses for children under 16.

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Frances said...

Dr Roy - this election campaign will be running throughout the 'tax season' ending - if the pundits are correct - on the last day for filing taxes (May 2). The Conservatives can ditch their previous ads, and concentrate on the 'this is what we have already done for you, and this is what the others don't want you to get' version.

Also, the corporate tax cut can be framed in the form of 'and just how do you think your CPP/RRSP/RPP makes the necessary money to pay you'.

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