Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iffy fails the test

Professor iffy has announced $1 billion for students. It's not really as generous as the iffy is saying. He would cancel educationa and textbook tax credits. He is canceling $700 million in grants. The way iffy has structured this he may increase student incomes to a point that they are not eligible for existing programs, making them worse off than they are now.  So besides robbing Peter to pay Paul. The big grit program is smoke and mirrors like most grit programs.  Spending programs like this should be eliminated and we should continue with tax relief for  us all.

· $210 million in education tax credits for students in 2010 eliminated.
· $39 million in textbook tax credits for students in 2010 eliminated.
· $240 million of education and textbook tax credits transferred to parents in 2010 eliminated.
· $203 million in carry forward education and textbook tax credits students can use in future years whey they are earning more eliminated.


Owner and Doggy said...

How is it "robbing Peter to pay Paul" when EVERYONE gets funded. The Learning Passport provides money upfront to help students pay for tuition and also provides much more funding than the existing programs would ever pay out.

been around the block said...

I hope that the CPC talks up the Learning Passport. I didn't know about this program and I'm a Conservative with children in university.

The CPC have got to get their policies/message out there. I'm not sure how, but I'm sure they can figure it out. Iggy's a copy cat -- expect more of this mirroring of successful CPC policies by the Lib$ -- and the CPC needs to make it clear to Canadians that they're covering the bases much better than Iggy and his backroom henchmen ever could.

One of Prime Minister Harper's abiding deficits is his naivety, which is a compliment, except when you're running an election campaign tooth and nail with unprincipled shysters.

(Hey, that word verification word is a little too close for comfort: "aging"!!!!)

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