Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HM Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney

I am a big fan of HM Minister Jason Kenney. I am lucky to count him as a friend. He is a truly amazing person with an encyclopedic knowledge of religions and culture. He is an excellent Minister . He has left the Church of England and joined Rome, but I will forgive him for that lapse.:) He like I, is a staunch defender of the Canadian Crown.
Here is an interview he did with Salt and light TV.

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been around the block said...

'A very inspirational exchange between Fr. Tom Rosica and the Honourable Jason Kenney, of whom I'm also a great fan. Thanks, Dr. Roy, for posting this interview.

Mr. Kenney is "unafraid" to be a witness to his faith, by not overtly "imposing" his faith on his portfolio but by being true to his beliefs and his conscience, something all politicians should be free to do.

As he points out, all politicians have political/spiritual/faith beliefs and convictions (including agnostic and secular) which influence their decisions, and so it is unreasonable to ask only Christian politicians to leave their faith-based convictions "at the door."

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