Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hebert on the circus that is Parliament

The opposition parties last week showed themselves to be the very little, petty people they are.
While HM Government will help defend the population of Libya and tried to help the people of our ally Japan, the opoostion talked about spending money on sports stadia and trying to bring up more non scandals. As Chantal Hebert notes it is trivial pursuit.

This was the week when the opposition parties had hoped to focus public attention on the Conservative government’s cavalier approach to Parliament.

Instead they unwittingly ended up providing voters with another vignette of the growing disconnect between parliamentarians and the public.

In a week when most Canadians wondered how the country would cope with a crisis on the scale of that which has befallen Japan, the merits of funding sports arenas and the relative crudeness of the wording of an updated citizenship guide were uppermost on the mind of some of Canada’s leading politicians.

Against the backdrop of a potential nuclear disaster in the immediate vicinity of Tokyo, the main federal attractions featured a government on a publicly funded vote-shopping spree and three opposition parties engaged in a procedural inquisition.


Anonymous said...

With all the hair pulling and knashing of teeth by the opposition it all comes down to money...when you don't have any and no one is donating to your party...the only way to get money is to have an election..remember each person that votes for that particular party automatically gives that party $1.90..(I think that is the amount) anyway the Liberals and the Bloq find their coffers a little low..Iam not sure about the NDP. Also people who sit on committees get paid extra besides their regular salary and who wouldn"t want a hearing to go on forever when you're getting paid to plant your rearend in a chair. The chairperson and vice chairperson get paid a certain amount and the rest of the committee gets paid whenever they fill their seat.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Canada take Japanese refugees if they want to come here. Not that they would want to, but if any should. (real conservative)

Alain said...

My hat goes off to Minister Oda for behaving as a responsible and civil adult when faced with an Opposition behaving like spoiled brats throwing a temper tantrum. Why would anyone in his right mind want such a group in charge of running the country? As for contempt of Parliament, the contempt prize goes to the Opposition.

Sean M said...

The opposition (coalition) are behaving like thugs and bullies. I commend Bev Oda for putting up with the disgusting behaviour of the Liberals and NDP, Separatists. Although I wish she didn't have to be flogged and tortured by the low lifes in the opposition, truly a sad spectacle. The co-ordinated smear campaign against Minister Oda by the coalition and the media is despicable and illustrates a complete lack of ethics, desperation, and a lust for power that is unprecedented in Canadian politics. The media silence regarding the thuggish, repugnant behaviour of McGuinty, Brison, and Pat (lying his ass off) Martin performing for the cameras in committee is a glaring example of the hypocrisy and contempt they show for Parliament. The NDP's designated bully of woman, Pat Martin is a punk and a coward.