Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Head and heart transplant for the grits

It seems iffy is not really appreciated by the grit. One of them apparently thinks the grits need a head transplant. I think the real problem, is that a party that believes in nothing and has no real policies is going to continue to languish.

1. By the numbers. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are 16 points ahead of Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals, according to a new poll – a huge lead that puts the Tories close to winning majority government and leaves some Grits reeling.

“The party feels like it is on the waiting list for a head transplant,” one senior Liberal MP remarked after seeing the results of the latest Ipsos Reid survey. “Folks are saying if Ignatieff can’t get any traction even with Oda and the charges, the public must have tuned him out.”


Rural and Right said...

My moneys is on Bob Rae for the new democratic leader of the Liberals.

been around the block said...

Yeah, Rural and Right, Bob's been lurking stage left, just waiting for an opportunity to sidle to the LPC centre stage.

The public hasn't "tuned [just Iggy] out.” They're tuning the whole Librano Party out. The LPC doesn't seem to get it: Far from being the Natural Ruling Party of Canada, they've become the drooling, deluded, and angst-ridden has-been in town, who needs at least a 12-step program and more than a few years of restoration therapy.

That they don't see this, is a pathetic reflection of how utterly bankrupt this political party has become.

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