Friday, March 11, 2011

Grit Senator convicted of fraud

The grits have tried screaming scandal over non scandals. Now we have another grit scandal over stolen taxpayer money. This grit senator should hopefully been thrown out of the Senate, soon to be replaced by another Tory senator.

OTTAWA—Senator Raymond Lavigne has been found guilty of fraud and breach of trust for misusing Senate funds and pocketing expenses that were actually run up by his staff.

A judge convicted the former Liberal on the two charges Friday, but found him not guilty on a third charge of obstruction of justice.

The Senate’s committee of internal economy immediately moved to suspend Lavigne’s expense accounts, but left him his $132,300 annual salary.

The judge’s ruling “sends a clear message: there is no one who is above the law,” said St├ęphane Bonin, the RCMP’s chief investigator in the case.

“I have mixed feelings about this. We finished our work, but in the end, there is someone who abused his powers, who is found guilty for using public resources for personal reasons.”

A visibly angry Lavigne stuck close to his legal team, his wife, and his friend Sen. Michel Biron. He walked brusquely from the courthouse back to his office on Parliament Hill. His lawyer would only indicate that he would consider an appeal.

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Anonymous said...

So is this POS getting tossed from the Senate and loose his pay and pension, or are we going to get the same BS runaround as we got with ad scam??

Rob C

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