Friday, March 18, 2011

grit scandals

if you want to see real scandals pseudochretien and his libranos can't be beat. Who got those brown paper bags full of cash that subverted election? The libranos will never tell. Many millions are still missing. My friend Paul Tuns has a summary.

Paul Tuns

It has been seven years since Auditor General Sheila Fraser made public her findings on the federal Sponsorship Program. For those with short memories, this was the scheme that benefited the federal Liberal party’s brand in Quebec — and the coffers of Liberal-friendly advertising agencies — through government financing of sporting and cultural events in the province. The scandal broke merely two months after Jean Chr├ętien stepped down as Liberal leader and prime minister, and contributed to the defeat of his successor, Paul Martin, in 2006.

But the Sponsorship scandal was merely the worst of the indignities plaguing — but never dethroning — the Chr├ętien government over its decade-long reign. The others included: Breaking his promise to scrap the GST; interfering with commissions investigating Canada’s tainted blood system in Canada; covering up the brutalization of a Somali teen at the hands of Canadian armed forces; allegations of interference by the Prime Minister’s Office in the police crackdown on the 1997 APEC summit in British Columbia; responding to an aggressive protestor by violently choking him and chipping his tooth; lobbying the Business Development Bank of Canada to grant a loan to a friend involved in the purchase of a property in Shawinigan; and the Human Resources Development Canada debacle, in which it was found that HRDC-funded job-creation projects, mostly in Liberal ridings, routinely lacked proper paperwork.


potato said...

I think the last installment in this series could simply have been a picture of Chretien captioned, "This is what a scandal looks like"

L said...

The unfortunate legacy is the BLOC, a selfish party who cares nothing for Canada. Lucien Bouchard is in my mind the most destructive Canadian politician in recent times.

Anonymous said...

What about those 17 Liberal foundations that the Liberals wouldn't let Shiela Fraser audit? 9 BILLION DOLLARS of Taxpayers money gone down the Liberal stink hole.Now THATS a scandal,not a not on an internal memo.Boggles the mind.

been around the block said...

Another way of defining those the money stashed away in "Liberal Foundations" that couldn't be audited by the AG, is slush funds.

For some reason, the Liberal Cheerleaders in the media never seem to mention them. The MSM definition of "scandal" sure is different from most of ours: If it's some minor misdemeanor or less on the CPC side of the aisle, it's A SCANDAL, for sure; if it's a major stink bomb on the part of the LPC, it needs to be unmentionable, never spoken of, and shielded at all costs.

It's too bad Canada's not only got an official Disloyal Opposition in the HOC but an unofficial unelected Opposition in the lamestream media.

O Canada ...

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