Saturday, March 05, 2011

Frum on Feminism

 I don't always agree with David these days, but he does a good job on this article. I believe men and women are equal, yet different. Those differences should be celebrated.
Third wave feminism is not about equality. It is about hating men and trying to crush them. That is why many young women have little use for it. They don't hate their fathers, brothers and sons.

Throughout Europe, women’s rights are regressing rather than advancing, as immigration from North Africa and the Middle East transforms European societies. Europeans have found it very difficult to demand that the newcomers adapt to local ways. So Europeans are adapting instead.

Every visitor sees the spread of face-covering in European cities. What is less visible is the increase in domestic violence, even murder; the increase in social isolation; even the increase in illiteracy among new-arriving immigrant women.

Feminist organizations in Europe have responded uncertainly to this new challenge.

Feminism is, of course, a movement of the ideological left, a fact nicely symbolized by International Women’s Day itself. The first government to recognize March 8 as Women’s Day was the Soviet Union, shortly after the 1917 revolution. (For a long time, International Women’s Day was a self-consciously socialist alternative to the American and British “Mother’s Day.”)

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