Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Trade and the Tories

The Tories are pro free trade. They will finish the trade deals with the EU and India. The iffy coalition has opposed free trade. The dippers always oppose free trade. The grits wanted to tear up the US Canada free trade agreement. Trade brings jobs and prosperity. Vote Tory and Canada will continue signing ever more free trade agreements!
HALIFAX — A re-elected Conservative government will aim to finish free-trade negotiations with the European Union by 2012 and with India by 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Thursday.

Harper made the commitment at a campaign stop in Halifax, where he went to shipping docks at the harbour to illustrate his point that trade is crucial to the Canadian economy.

"Canada is a trading nation," he said. "Canadian businesses and their workers succeed and prosper when they have stable and secure access to markets and customers around the world."

Harper said that is why the governing Tories have made expanding and improving access to foreign markets such a priority since they came to power in 2006. "New free-trade agreements have been signed with eight countries and negotiations are underway with 50 more," he said.

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