Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Foreign Aid doesn't work

I had the pleasure of meeting this young woman in Montreal a few years ago. She understands that Foreign doesn't work. If we really are serious about helping poor countries we need to unilaterally drop trade barriers and decrease agricultural subsidies. I would start by declaring the Commonwealth a massive free trade zone.
Watch her here.

Aid isn't the solution, it's the problem
Special to Globe and Mail Update
Published Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2011 9:40AM EST
Dambisa Moyo, Zambian economist and author of the bestselling book, Dead Aid, doesn't pull punches when talking about foreign aid and Africa. "It severs the link between individuals and their ability to hold their governments accountable."

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Anonymous said...

Foreign Aid is like the Police telling me I should be happy my store was robbed because the crook may come back one day to buy something from me.

As long as Tyrants and thugs know that Nations like canada will send money and take in their refugees that they created,there is no motivation for murderous-Doctators to change their form of rule and this means that canada enables mass-slaughters by people never brought to justice.
They just send their poor to canada and free-up the savings to fund the Military complex to kill the poor poeple left behind that couldn't buy their way to canada or the USA.

Even Olivia Chow feels that we will benefits by importing more illegals or grandparents because they will help raise our children and create jobs in Health care and Social Services.
But Jack and Olivia have 2 M.P. incomes and a generous Private Helath care package and a gold-platted pension as they crusade for the poor in Metro-Housing, but the Unions and Poverty Industry people in Toronto Housing are now exposed as gorging at the Trough as those poor people live in 3rd world conditions.

I Support Lord Black