Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ethnic cleansing in pakistan

Another despicable act against the Christian minority in pakistan. The only Christian minister in the pakistani government was murdered. Where are the moderate Muslims in pakistan, there seem to be very few. The silence on the left in the west ,on these issues< is deafening. They bend over backwards to accomadate jihadis. They try and equate Christians with the jihadis. It's all very worrying and very sad. The jihadist war against Christians, religious liberty, democracy, the rule of law and human decency continues. In Islamabad, Islamist assassins killed Shahbaz Bhatti, the Minister of Minorities in Pakistan’s national government.

Mr. Bhatti was the only Christian member of the federal cabinet, with responsibility for advancing the cause of Pakistan’s religious minorities. In an increasingly-Islamified Pakistan, advancing the cause of the Christian minority begins with preventing them from being killed, either by the state or freelance jihadis.

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Alain said...

Oh dear how can this be? Are we not constantly being told by our leaders and the MSM that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and that there is only a tiny wee minority of extremists?

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