Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dr. Patrick Moore

Sebastian Cote , director fraser institute Montreal

The Fraser Institute sponsored a lunch with Dr Patrick Moore one of the greenpeace. He has written a new book called Confessions of a Greenpeace dropout. Dr Moore is a practical environmentalist. He started off his talks saying humans are part of nature. He thinks, like I do , that a lot of the radical environmentalists are very anti human. See the clip below from Not Evil Just wrong. He is a believer of science and said he left greenpeace after they started ignoring science and become increasingly marginal. Dr Moore is a practical environmentalist. He is very sceptical of global warming and thinks that the science in that case has become totally politicized. Dr Moore is a man of silence. It was a pleasure to listen to someone who I didn't always agree with, but he mad his points with facts and was willing to change his mind based on facts. I had a chance to chat with him. I very informative and pleasantt lunch!

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