Thursday, March 24, 2011

A coalition?

If there is an election one of the central issues will be whether Canadians want a coalition between the socialists, near socialists and the separatists. iffy wouldn't answer that yesterday.

I don't want these 3 in power. I doubt most Canadians do.

Roy Green: The central election question is — coalition, yes or no?

National Post

Wait a minute, you can't have the big office, I want the big office

Answer the question Mr. Ignatieff. In the event of a minority Conservative Party election result might Canadians be treated to a rebirth of the Liberal, NDP, BQ coalition?

An on the record “yes” or “no” would be preferred. “Maybe” would be acceptable.

Instead you chatter about voters having the choice to walk through a “blue door” or “red door.” By the way, did you, did any of your associates take note that not once, but twice the first option you offered in front of national microphones and cameras was the “blue door”? Still having the bus towed to Harper Diesel are we?

I put the coalition question to Minister for Public Safety Vic Toews on air last weekend and Mr. Toews directly accused you, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe or your surrogates of having an in-place coalition agreement. Minutes later Jack Layton declared that to be nonsense but has since agreed he is willing to “reach out to other parties”

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