Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander is profiled in the Globe today. He is the CPC candidate in Ajax Pickering. He will be a great MP. Please vote, donate and volunteer to help this great man become the CPC MP in Ajax Pickering.

Mr. Alexander would be a dream candidate for any party. He's young (42), photogenic, smart and likeable, and he has a fabulous résumé. As a foreign service prodigy, he was named Canada's first ambassador to Afghanistan at the tender age of 34,

and stayed on as a United Nations special representative until 2009. “When I arrived in Kabul, we didn't even have an embassy there,” he says. “We worked our asses off.” He immersed himself in Afghanistan's history and culture, and earned wide respect from Afghans and foreigners alike. But for all of his efforts, Kabul and Afghanistan are still a mess.

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