Thursday, March 17, 2011

Canadians don't want an election and the Tories still have a big lead

Another day, another poll showing a 13 point lead for the Tories. The grits are unchanged. they are a party with no momentum and stumbling pretty boy doofii. The Tories will get the budget on the records and the grit mudslinging startegy will continue to fail. I actually attended  an event with Dr Darell Bricker last night with Conservative McGill. He also seems surprised that the grits want an election.

The poll, conducted March 7 to 9, found the Conservatives were still well-positioned as they prepare for the vote in the Commons. If an election had been held last week, 40 per cent of decided voters would have supported the Tories, a three percentage point drop from the last poll in February.

Support for the Liberals remained unchanged at 27 per cent, while the NDP's support grew by three percentage points, to 16 per cent. The Green party would receive five per cent of the vote.

Darrell Bricker, president of Ipsos Reid, said Tuesday the poll results are good news for the government because there are no "clear expectations" among Canadians about what the budget will contain, and there is little public support for the Tories to be defeated over the issue. "This is exactly the kind of ambiguity the government needs," said Bricker.


Anonymous said...

William in Ajax said...

During the lead-up to the 2006 election, Canada's MsM went full tilt to preserve Paul Martin's government, by announcing daily that Canadians did not want an election.
This time around the MsM is NOWHERE to be found in regards to what Canadians want.
Funny how that works eh.!

Suzanne said...

I don't understand why there is this strong push for an election. Any sane person in opposition would not want to go to the polls with these numbers. I guess my problem is that I assume the opposition is rational.