Sunday, March 06, 2011

Canada's public sector unions

I have been writing a lot about Gov Scott Walker> I really hope he can rein in his public sector unions. That is something that needs to happen in Canada.

The Wisconsin Governor wants unions to stop holding the public to ransom

By Niels Veldhuis and Milagros Palacios

Facing a $3.6-billion deficit, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently declared his state “broke.” To overcome this fiscal challenge, Mr. Walker proposed cutting generous public sector pension and health care benefits, and threatened immediate layoffs if concessions were not made. He also introduced legislation to restrict collective bargaining in the public sector and limit future wage increases to the rate of inflation.

Mr. Walker has clearly tapped into the growing backlash from ordinary working taxpayers against the generous compensation of the public sector. His willingness to tackle Wisconsin’s fiscal situation head-on is a welcome breath of fresh air.

While Canadian politicians should be following Mr. Walker’s lead, most are simply deferring fiscal problems into the future, unwilling to make the tough choices today.

Take Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. His government plans to run a $18.7-billion deficit (3% of GDP) this year and another $69.2-billion over the next six years. Jean Charest’s government in Quebec plans to finish the year with a $4.6-billion deficit (1.5% of GDP) and another $4.6-billion over the next two years.

And this from Terence Corcoran:

FP’s Terence Corcoran: Why the public sector is hanging on for all it’s worth

To Canada’s union leaders, the old putdown applies: They couldn’t organize a one-float parade. They can’t, for example, organize the relatively lower-paid workers at even one Wal-Mart outlet, despite more than a decade of trying and millions of dollars spent. They tried the banks and came up dry. Toyota Canada workers won’t have them. Michelin tire makers in the Maritimes have thrown the unions out a dozen times. As far as Canada’s private-sector workers are concerned, polls and the membership data show, they don’t want no stinkin’ union.


Anonymous said...

The union I belonged to was run by a bunch of guys in 3000$ suits with Gucci shoes on and jelled hair. They couldn't organize two men on a three hole shit house and they were going to tell me how to suck eggs?????? Not a chance.....

Atlanta Roofing said...

We always have the right to protest, and that is the only way the senators can stop a bill that wisconsin voters do not want collective bargaining to end in the state where it all began.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you the scoop on public sector unions.. I belong to PSAC....and they are a bunch of useless tools. They don't bargin on behalf of public employees because in the end (by their own admission) for all their blustering and solidarity bullshit they have no choice but to except the government offer. I have no problem with my pay or benefits I believe as a government employee I am treated fairly. However it is not the union that got me my benefits or pay it's the government of Canada. What I resent is an organization like PSAC who uses my union dues to forward their left wing causes.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the author of this article is willing to have his taxes increased 50% to ensure he gets kicked in the balls too - you know, for the sake of the economy?

It's easy to say what others should give up, but what are you willing to give up Dr. Roy?

Public Sector greed limits wages and benefits for workers to show a healthy bottom line to 'stock holders' who sit on their ass exploiting the hard work of others.

Canada needs to move to a co-op model of ownership in which all private sector workers own the company they work for. This will eliminate parasitic shareholders and compensate the workers for what they earn, instead of having their pockets picked by fat ass self-entitled investors.

I work for a Union and I'm going to have a great pension. Sorry Dr., if you believe sacrifices should be made tell us what you are willing to give up.

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