Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Budget

 Today is Budget day in Canada. What would I like to see in the budget? Deep cuts to all funding of advocacy groups. Defund the hrc industry. Large cuts to cbc. Major cuts to government departments such as eliminating the sow. A solid plan to cut the civil service to 1990 levels. An elimination of the capital gains tax and a flat tax. Raise the age of retirement to 68. Address equalization!
This is pretty good as well.
The federal budget that will be brought down later today by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is unlikely to contain many surprises. Small-c conservatives, including some within the Conservative party, are baying for deep spending cuts. Meanwhile, opposition parties are howling about bringing the government down if there is too little new spending on universities, home care, daycare, unemployment, seniors and Quebec. Mr. Flaherty is likely to respond to these competing pressures by avoiding both dramatic new spending and drastic tax cuts, in the hope that all sides are satisfied just enough to avoid defeat of the government in the House of Commons.

That’s politics. But fortunately, we’re not politicians. And so we won’t let the reality of a minority Parliament interfere with our dreams for a truly ideal budget.

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GRM said...

Dr. Roy for PM. Excellent ideas.

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