Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Barbara Kay on Pretty boy justin

The failure of multiculturalism is once again made clear by the empty headed dauphin. Keep on talking justin, you make more Tory converts daily. The liberal party's years of pandering to immigrant communities ( or mostly to immigrant leaders) for votes , has turned that party into a multicultural relativist mess. Unfortunately he and his vile father brought Canada into that mess.

Barbara Kay: Trudeau the multiculturalist walks into trap of his own making

What I mean to say was ... ummm ...
An updated government information pamphlet for newcomers to Canada, “Discover Canada,” warns against such “barbaric” practices as honour killings, forced marriages and other immoral or criminal practices. Federal Liberal Immigration critic Justin Trudeau yesterday made it known that he is “uncomfortable” with the word “barbaric.” “You could say it’s absolutely unacceptable as a phrase,” says Trudeau, adding that the word could have the effect of making newcomers “defensive.”

Reaction from the blogosphere, as well as from Conservatives, to Trudeau’s reflexive political correctness was swift and uncompromising. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney responded that the language in Discover Canada is deliberate and accurate. “There’s nothing more brutal than killing a woman because of some perceived slight to family honour,” Mr. Kenney observed.

Taken aback by the kerfuffle, Mr. Trudeau backtracked. In an email to The Globe and Mail, he wrote: “Perhaps I got tangled in semantic weeds in my comments, particularly in view of the Conservatives’ cynicism on these issues. I want to make clear that I think the acts described are heinous, barbaric acts that are totally unacceptable in our society.”

I’m puzzled by Trudeau’s logic. Both Justin Trudeau and the Conservatives believe that honour killings are “barbaric.” But according to Mr. Trudeau, the Conservatives’ views on immigration are “cynical.” Therefore, actually identifying honour-motivated crimes as “barbaric” in an official document is unacceptable to people like Liberals, who are not cynical about immigration, and who are therefore made uncomfortable by accurate adjectives pointing to unpleasant realities.


Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau and Bill Maher will get a pass from the brain-dead smug/elite/leftist/liberal/nabobs because they are one of theirs.
Justin can endorse the murdring of females within some Cultures because they love Liberals and will keep voting for them,Maher told Cong. Keith Ellison that he found the Quran to ne a hate-filled document and Holy book.

Not one riot or flag burning in the streets over the slur to islam and muhammed,and then little trudeau gets away with endorsing
Shariah law that also murders Gays in public when caught in Gaza.

But what did you expect when Justin's dad was a misogynistic pig that exalted a Communist thug in Cuba and who mocked our troops in WW2 by wearing a Nazi helmet in Quebec because Hitler was a Anglo problem.

The Trudeau's still love Cuba and Communism,a weasel by any other name.....

Anonymous said...

WOW...from Bob Rae and his jihadis remark and now Justin Trudeau saying "barbaric" makes him feel "Uncomfortable?"How does this guy get elected? I bet a woman getting acid thrown in her face would feel "Uncomfortable" and would think the act was "Barbarec". Are these the people supposed to be for woman issues?Shows where his mind set is.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Liberals bought off minority leaders that delivered votes to the federal party for decades. But some of those minority individuals must feel cheated. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

A Liberal will support anyone that is against a conservative. A real example of their insecurity. (real conservative)

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