Saturday, March 26, 2011

Angus Reid 14 point Tory Lead

I don't think any party has voluntarily gone to the polls with such numbers in our historyu. Perhaps the polara numbers show something else but that sounds unlikely. These poll numbers are good, but we must all work hard to ensure a strong conservative majority. help elect string candidates like Rodolphe Husny in Outremont, Chris Alexander in Ajax Pickering, Ryan Hastman in Edmonton Strathcona, John Williamson in New Brunswick Southwest and so many more. Donate , volunteer and vote for your local Tory candidate. We must all work together to win a majority.

The Harper Conservatives are at the threshold of a majority government as the country plunges into the fourth election campaign in seven years, according to an exclusive Toronto Star/La Presse poll.

The Angus Reid poll shows that the majority will most likely be won or lost in Ontario with a particularly pitched battle in the 905 belt around Toronto, where the Conservative have worked overtime on the reeling in the ethnic vote.

The survey of 2,365 Canadians reveals the Conservatives are in the lead nationally with 39 per cent support, the Liberals at 25 per cent, and the New Democrats at 19 per cent. The Bloc Québécois has 10 per cent support and the Green Party 7 per cent.

“The Tories are knocking at the door of a majority,” Jaideep Mukerji, vice-president of Angus Reid Public Opinion, said.

Stephen Harper will visit Governor General David Johnston Saturday morning, when the 40th Parliament will be officially dissolved, setting the stage for an early May election.

5 comments: to the radio said...

In these early days of the campaign it is nice to see good numbers at the start.
But it makes me nervous to see if the trend holds.
I'm waiting to see what happens when the polls say after the non-confidence vote.
If they stay steady or tick up, I'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ekos poll shows the lead more at 7%
and the margin of error are that poll is relatively big so we might have to wait for the lection to get the proper numbers. Unless of course Harper abolished democracy as well.

Roy Eappen said...

An anonymous grit pays attention to the deeply flawed ekos polls. They use push button polls, which most pollsters think is pretty unreliable. And frank graves is a large contributor to the grits.

Anonymous said...

The CBC Ekos poll had everyone dropping except the Liberals...too funny. The CBC helped their Liberals get where we are today. No one takes lessons from Liberals on democracy. Iggy was not elected as leader and kicked a women out of her riding in Toronto to slide into his seat. What a farce the guy is.

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