Sunday, March 13, 2011

Andrew Bolt slaps down Eu Carbon commisoner

Andrew Bolton asks a so called carbon guru some basic questions.
Hopefully Oz's dion, gillard, will be stopped from bringing in a carbon tax( which she promised not to).

THERE are two fundamental questions journalists never ask the Gillard Government about its mad scheme to cut our emissions.

They're the two questions we'd ask whether buying a ShamWow cloth or a Merc.

One, how much will this cost?

Two, how well will it work?
So when you get a government selling you a huge new plan to cut our emissions by 5 per cent by 2020 to help stop global warming, it seems even more critical to ask them.
Prime Minister, how much will your plan to transform our economy cost? And by how much will it cut temperatures?

Basic, right? So why have you never heard these questions asked?

Why has this government never told you how much the temperature will fall in exchange for the X billions we'll pay?

I'll tell you. If they tried to answer, they'd look as silly as Jill Duggan.

Duggan helps to run Europe's emissions trading system, which is the biggest in the world, covering 25 times more people than we have here.

And if anyone should be the full bottle on that scheme - which has in fact been rorted sideways while achieving bugger-all for a Europe with 10 per cent unemployment - it should be her.

After all, Duggan is from the European Commission's Directorate General of Climate Action and is the EC's National Expert on Carbon Markets and Climate Change.

Listen to Andrew Bolt slap down duggan.

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European Carbon Fraud;

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