Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ambiguous iffy

The liberal msm is trying to give iffy cover. iffy refused to answer the clearly when first asked the question last week. His clarification is just another waffle. The grits know they can't get the most seats. They want to form a coalition with the dippers and bq. Why else would they force an election with such a poll deficit. Here is the letter that still hasn't expired

Yet ambiguity remains. The release is very specific that the no-coalition commitment applies in the event the party that wins the most seats is called on to form the government. It is clear that, if the Liberals are first past the post and can’t gain the confidence of the House, then Mr. Harper would be called on to form the government.

This legitimizes the concept of a coalition, which no-one seriously disputes under the Constitution. But what the statement does not make clear is whether the commitment is unequivocal in the event of a Conservative minority. Could Mr. Harper win on election day and be defeated over his Throne Speech by the opposition, leading to a Liberal-NDP coalition, backed by the Bloc?

Mr. Ignatieff said he has made a formal commitment to the Canadian people. “Your word has to be your bond in this business,” he said – which shows just how fresh to politics he remains.

But he has to make clear that he is ruling out a coalition in all circumstances – even if this kills what may be his best route to 24, Sussex Drive. One thing is for certain – until this issue his finally put to bed, he will not be able to move on to what he really wants to talk about.

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Anonymous said...

Do we have a copy of the "permanent consultation mechanism with the Bloc Québécois".

That is a pretty wide gap in being fully transparent and accountable. What did they have to promise Duceppe to get him to go along? Too late to disagree once they were in government.

This thing is not finished by a long shot.

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