Thursday, March 31, 2011


The grits again want to spend vast sums of your money. They have been promising national childcare every few months since 1993. It has become a running joke. The grits never actually fulfill their promise. Why... becuase they can t find the money for it. The grits promise all kinds of things. Hard to believe their promises when they break so many. Remeber pseudo chretien wanted to cancel free trade , get rid of the GST. He did cancel the helicopter deal and we had more depths of air force personel.
If you want higher taxes and more nanny state vote for iffy and his coalition of losers. If you want lower taxes and a more prosperous Canada vote Tory!

WINNIPEG — A Liberal government would start a fund to open up more early learning and child-care spaces across Canada.

The Liberals say they would start with a $500-million investment in the first year, rising to $1 billion by the fourth year.


Anonymous said...

Big spending?

Like 56 bio and a car company?

Take a hike hypocrite.

been around the block said...

Who's the hypocrite, "Anonymous"? And why?

What are you talking about?

I Support Lord Black