Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adler on pretty boy justin

Shama Chopra , the new CPC candidate in Papineau will be a real MP for her constituents. The dauphin and his "leader will both be looking for new jobs.

Multiculturalism mine
You almost want to excuse Trudeau for falling into dad’s trap. Almost

Everyone knows by now that Justin Trudeau is uncomfortable being out of the limelight.

This week he Charlie Sheened himself back into the spotlight by saying he was “uncomfortable” with the word “barbaric” being associated with certain cultural practices in Africa and Asia. Justin was hurling this politically correct vomit all over Twitter. He thought he had an opportunity to make the Harper government look insensitive to visible minority immigrants and he seized it.

Michael Ignatieff defended Justin. Canada’s “visiting professor” would sooner flunk the Christ child than mark “incomplete” on the report card of Pierre Trudeau’s eldest son. Pierre Trudeau, the patron saint of the modern day Liberal Party, is the midwife of state-sponsored, state-subsidized, state-corrupted multiculturalism.

A tiny part of me wants to give Justin a pass.

Perhaps it’s not really his fault that he slipped on the multicultural banana peel. It was left for him by the 800-pound gorilla, his father.

But to excuse him would be to behave like a modern-day Liberal, to absolve him of responsibility for his own actions.

And he is a man.

Many still coddle and swaddle him, but this coming Christmas Day, he turns 40. Let’s not infantilize him the way his dad’s nanny state has tried to infantilize so many groups in this country, including visible minorities who have immigrated to Canada. These are not children who cannot hear a Canadian leader giving them the all-too-infrequent straight talk.

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