Thursday, March 24, 2011

19 point Tory Lead

The latest poll must be giving the grits ulcers. A 19 point Tory lead inspite of all the opposition mud slinging. I wonder if some grits will be wondering about going to the polls.

Majority government in the pending federal election is there for the Conservatives to lose, if you believe a new poll taken after the budget this week.

The Ipsos Reid poll for Postmedia News has the Tories entering the campaign in majority territory at 43%, almost 20 points ahead of the Liberals, who have fallen back to 24% support. The Harper government recorded a healthy lead over the Liberals in almost every region — ahead by 16 points in Ontario (46 versus 30), seven points in Quebec (25 versus 18) and 28 points in British Columbia (50 versus 22). It also leads among young people, the middle-aged, seniors, men and women.


Paul MacPhail said...

As if they weren't already working hard enough, the media are going to have to work overtime to change this. I don't know if even an extra CBC could turn those numbers around in time for the Liberals to hit close to minority territory.

Rotterdam said...

It may get worse.
Just hammer "coalition"

The choice: coalition vs. Conservative.
Libby Davies in cabinet?
A vote for Ignatieff is a vote for the bloc.

Anonymous said...

This poll gives me ulcers.

I smell overconfidence.

We better buckle down, and not just lipservice to it.

Lots can go wrong, some undoubtedly will. Ignatieff has the advantage of extremely low expectations, so even a barely competent performance will be seen as a "win".

Finance Minister Bob Rae. That thought gives me ulcers.

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