Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Middle East Politics Invade Campus

Dr Phyllis Chesler

Students from York University
Jonathan Kay
Student Panel
Dr  Richard Cravatts
Andrew Roberts

Dr Elliot Chodoff           Stephen  Posen        Dr Salim Mansur
Dr Gil Troy

Dr Salim Mansur

Dr Catherine Chatterly  

               Karen Mock         J Hill

I attended a conference put on by Advocates for Civil Liberties. The group has only been in existence for a few weeks so it was pretty impressive that they managed to do this with such an impressive list of speakers. The Conference video will be online soon.  The event was moderated by Jonathan Kay of the National Post.The first speaker ( via satellite link from Israel) was Israeli Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto who spoke about the hate propaganda book, protocols of the elder of Zion. She wrote a book called The Lie That Wouldn't Die. There was then a panel of students talking about their experiences on campus with the fights between Pro Israelis and pro Palestinian forces. Andrew Roberts talked about the horrible boycott of Israeli academics launched by British academics and the Friends of Israel Iniative, led by non Jews, that formed in response. Dr Cravatts showed a movie from a group called Stand with Us about some of the horrible anti semitic speakers and their sympathizers on campuses across North America. The shameful events that happened in Montreal in 2002 were part of the news reel.

Dr Elliot Chortoff gave a rather depressing assessment of Israel's security situation. The great Dr Phyllis Chesler exposed the hypocrisy of feminists when it comes to talking about dishonour killings or other jihadi misogny. The final panel had three academics including Salim Mansur discussing the situation on campus.
 I will post the video when it becomes available. I enjoyed the conference. I would have like to see more Muslims in attendance and as speakers, and more opposite views. Civil debate is always good.
 I sat with the grit candidate in Thorn Hill, Karen Mock. HM Minister of the Environment Peter Kent has little to worry about.

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