Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Welfare State

The burgeoning welfare state in the US is nothing compared to our Beveridgian programs. An interesting video on reeling it in. Remember the entitlement programs in Canada will also completely overwhelm our ability to pay in the no so distant furute.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for reducing the welfare state in Canada, but I think you're being a little alarmist. We're not about to keel over due to debt any time soon.

Anonymous said...

What the Americans are discovering is that the programs that seemed affordable when government revenue was high are a ball and chain when they fall. This is something that Canadians have not learned yet.

Anonymous said...

They're a ball and chain regardless. Economic growth was never going to be able to keep up with the growth in medicare costs or social security because of the baby boomer generation.

According to "The Canadian Century" by Brian Lee Crowley, our CPP is solvent. We've succeeded in reforming sensitive political issues, where the United States has not.

We're getting a little too caught up in the rhetoric south of the border, and not looking at the facts.

Kari said...

I'm sorry but we are heading there. Just because provinces aren't like states and can run deficits doesn't mean we won't have our day of reconing. It's coming.

I live in Alberta and the fact that we even have a deficit is ridiculous. I've lived here all my life, through the NEP and $10 oil, throughout all that we've never been a have not province. We continue to contribute our fair share, while everyone bashes us for it. It's because we're tough. Well at least we used to be before Ed. No worries though we finally have an alternative and things are going to get back on track in this province following the next election. We're too common sense, maybe the money's been too good and we haven't been paying attention, you know because we've been too busy working, but I think that is about to change! Seriously we have over a 3B deficit and send 8B to Q? and they have 7$ daycare?? Why do the haves have less than the have nots, something is wrong with this picture. Not that I would ever want the gov't to raise my kids but .....c'mon! Let's get a grip on reality. We need our own tea party!!

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