Monday, February 14, 2011


My friends at the LSS with the help of my friends at the CCF have won the day!!! I urge you all to donate to the ILS ( even though I am not a libertarian) and the CCF. I do!!!

More from my friend Tasha at the NP.
I am very happy about this!!!


been around the block said...

Great news! Pushback is working!

Cross-posted at BCF:

Fantastic news!

(I just wish the Jaworski family could sue the pants off the illiberal bullies and thugs in the Municipality of Clarington.)

No doubt, they'll just be happy to sleep well for the first time in months, knowing that their Liberty Freedom Seminar can continue.

God bless the Jaworskis.

Patsplace said...

Thanks Dr. Roy!! It's a good thing to shoot them a few bucks too. Money well spent.


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