Tuesday, February 01, 2011


 John Mraz has a great piece in the NP on unions and Rob Ford. Public sector unions in this country are far too powerful. People are forced to join unions and are forced to join leftist causes by their unions. I'm hoping Rob Ford will defy the unions. Someone has to for the good of Canada. Let's hope Mayor Ford can do this and he inspires other governments to do the same.

Canada’s labour laws and union protections are so strong as to be globally unique. We live in the only country where a person can be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. That’s understood to be a rights violation everywhere else organized labour exists, including all of Europe. Here, union members must pay their dues, and a decade of polling suggests that a super-majority of them are opposed to the idea of their money being used to fund political action and activism. According to John Mortimer of LabourWatch, an employee rights group, no other country allows a unionized worker to be fired from their job should they refuse to fund political activities.

The original in Toronto Life.


maryT said...

IMHO unions have more to do with jobs moving out of Canada than taxes do. And considering how many recalls there are of numerous products, are they doing their job, or just showing up and putting in time.

Anonymous said...

Unions need to respect the wishes of their members like any other reputable organization. (real conservative)

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