Thursday, February 03, 2011

unions in Quebec

Quebec unions have a lot of power. Eric Duhaime writes about the union paradise that is Quebec. It is hardly a paradise for Quebecers. The Rand formula which forces payment of union dues should be eliminated ( it was legislated in Quebec in the early 1970's). Secret ballots should be held to certify unions and union dues should be used for union activities not for political causes.

Union stranglehold choking Quebec


If the Cayman Islands are a fiscal paradise, Quebec is nothing more than a union’s paradise.

Such is the conclusion of a new study called “The Quebec Unionization Model: Correcting the Anomaly” that was conducted by the Montreal Economic Institute and released last Monday.

A haven for big unions and a hell for small workers, Quebec distinguishes itself “as one of the places in the industrialized world where workers’ freedom of choice is the most limited.”

However, this doesn’t seem to bother our elected officials. Quebec’s parliamentary committee on Labour and the Economy spent two days this week hearing witnesses speak about the relevance of reinforcing anti-scab legislation.

Members of the National Assembly gave the unions’ representatives twice the time they gave business representatives when they appeared before the committee. A great demonstration of objectivity!

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