Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Tory Fundraising Juggernauts rolls on

The Tories had another great year in fundraising raising $17.42 million in 2010, the grits raised $6.6 million and the NDP $4.6 million. So inspite of the grits saying they would raise $25 million a year they are still being crushed by the Tory fundraising juggernaut 3:1!
Indeed the grits did better with Rocco Rossi, but Rocco has now become a Provincial Tory. Welcome Rocco to the Tory family. Any enemy of catsmeat is a friend of mine. The last Quarter of 2010 saw the Tories rake in $5.2 million, the grits 2.3 million  and the dippers $1.67 million.
 I am not sure how the grits think they will run a campaign on these small amounts of cash. I wonder if the banks will be happy to lend to a party whose electoral welfare may very well be cut off in the near future.
 The Tories once again had more than twice the donors  the grits had.  No wonder we see the Tory truth ads on TV and the grits play their attack ads mostly on youtube.

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