Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tarek Fatah on toxic multiculturalism

I agree with Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansur and many others who think multicuturalism has led to ghettoes and to the spreading of the islamist ideology. I like Tarek, was happy to hear that even people like David Cameron and Chncellor Merkel are beginning to understand this. It gives me a glimmer of hope for the west.

A prominent voice in Canada’s Muslim community said British Prime Minister David Cameron was “spot on” when he insisted British multiculturalism has failed.

And just like Britain, Canada’s will fail, said Muslim Canadian Congress founder Tarek Fatah.

He said Monday that, like Britain, Canada has been too tolerant in allowing Muslim immigrants to settle into closed communities, some of which preach Islamic values and a hatred toward the West.

“The Canadian multicultural model has failed, as the British model has,” said Fatah. “When first generation (Muslims) are more loyal to Canada than the second generation, then we have sufficient evidence to say that multiculturalism has failed.”

Citing the Toronto 18 terrorist plot as an example of the extremism that can result from ethnic isolation, Fatah said he hoped Canada can “pick up on” the points Cameron made in a controversial speech on Saturday.

While speaking at a security conference in Germany, Cameron called for an end to Britain’s “passive tolerance” of divided ethnic communities. He also said beefing up was needed in the prevention of extremism.

Fatah said Canada’s Liberal and Conservative governments push a tolerant, passive form of multiculturalism as a way of preserving votes.


Anonymous said...

And yet every time there is a demonstration by the English Defence League in Britain the police do all they can to let Muslims beat up the EDL supporters.

been around the block said...

That's what bothers me in Western democracies: The police defend and protect the illiberal Islamists, who are shouting hate-filled slogans, holding placards with hate-filled messages, and threatening violence, while asking peaceful protesters on the other side to move along.

It's perverse and, of course, it's the result of toxic multiculturalism, where we have elevated all visible minority groups/cultures, whether or not their cultures are barbaric and a throwback to the 7th century.

At the same time, we've thrown the host culture into the basement, the host culture which created a democracy with freedoms and rights for all to which the visible minorities are flocking for a better life. Ironic in the extreme, then, that certain protected visible minorities are demanding less freedom, not more, for everyone -- and that we dummies (dhimmis) in the West not only put up with their demands but protect them as they agitate for them.

It's cultural suicide and shows such utter and vapid stupidity that I'm almost at a loss for words as to why we are continuing down this path to the edge of the cliff, from which we fully intend to jump to oblivion.

For what? For the protection of the perverted and barbaric agenda of a recently arrived visible minority.

What are we thinking?

been around the block said...

In many ways this march to oblivion has everything to do with the fact that we in the West are ashamed of our illustrious past and are under the delusion -- so encouraged by the Leftists, Communists, Marxists -- that we're bad, that the democracies we have established, based on Judeo-Christian principles -- are badly flawed and we need to smarten up.

We don't know our history, only what we've been spoon-fed in our leftist public schools and universities, and so we are ill-equipped to defend ourselves.
I'm so tired of tails-between-their-legs surrender monkeys in the West who have no idea of the heroism of our founding fathers and mothers, the sacrifices made to bring democratic rights and freedoms to Western countries, or the generosity of Western countries towards their own citizens and the downtrodden masses who have flocked to their shores.

Our past is utterly taken for granted and is now being trampled underfoot, under the delusion that our "imperialism" brought nothing good to the countries to which our forebears came from Europe and England. We are fast spending the moral and ethical capital of our forebears and will soon be bankrupt. When those who have benefited for the largesse of Western democracies find themselves impoverished and enslaved, I'm sure they'll wonder what the heck happened.

If we don't wake up soon and own our history, find pride in our history, we're doomed. It's pretty clear that if Shari'a comes to Canada, none of us will enjoy more freedoms.

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