Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Steve Forbes

Richard Martineau  Joanne Marcotte

Maxime Bernier   Steve Forbes   Paul Beaudry   Adam Daifallah

Eric Duhaime   Mario Dumont

Michel Kelly Gagnon
Jasmin Guenette

I just got home from a fantastic event with Steve Forbes put on by the IEDM. It was great to see and chat with so many friends. I even got to chat with Mr Forbes. What a gracious and intelligent man. He would have made an excellent US President. Given thetepid field for 2012, maybe he should run again! Mr Forbes gave a great speech giving some points from his new book, How Capitalism Will Save Us. He explains how capitalism and free markets are a moral force for good. How trade brings people together and how we should have a flat tax!!1 A great evening. Thanks so much to Michel Kelly Gagnon, Jasmine Guenette ( Happy Birthdya) and all the IEDM staff! Also the dinner was fantastic, which is unusual at such events.

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