Saturday, February 26, 2011

Senator Finley

Scott Feschuk is upset that giggles taber didn't tar and feather Senator Finley.
Apparently the lefties think taber is not pro grit enough.

Around political Ottawa, the Senator is a feared backroom operator. He has a reputation as an aggressive strategist who lives for campaigns. He fights hard; he has been called “Harper’s pit bull.”

As manager of the Conservative 2006 and 2008 national campaigns, Mr. Finley was the architect of the back-to-back Harper victories. For his good works, he was rewarded with an appointment to the Senate in 2009.

But the cancer diagnosis last fall sidelined him.

“I put it off, way, way, way too long, knowing something was wrong,” the Scotsman says in his distinctive brogue. He says he was possessed of that “great male optimism” in which he “always figured it would clear itself.” It took his wife, Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, finally to “frog march” him to his family doctor.

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Anonymous said...

What Ignatieff doesn't want us to know....he says "This is a MILLION DOLLAR SCAM". NOT.

This is the CPC's OWN money, and not in brown envelopes....they want to be reinversed $800,000 the same as the opposition got reinversed for the same thing.
So IGGY...are the Opposition in on a MILLION DOLLAR SCAM??

The Liberals don't care who gets hurt in their quest for POWER....first Bev Oda(Undergoing a second eye surgery) and now Doug Finley(With cancer). Thats how the Liberals go for the juggler, aided by the slimey CBC.

I Support Lord Black