Friday, February 25, 2011

self aggrandizing bureaucrats

elections Canada is "independant" of Parliament ( but seem to be dependant on their grit masters). Their spending is out of control. One wonders why these bogus charges were laid before the decision of the court of appeals, which could come any day now. If the Appeal court rules in favour of the Tories , will the slime at elections Canada apologize for their actions? I doubt it and the media will spin it in favour of the grits as usual. A forensic audit of elections Canada needs to be done. Their budget needs to be cut by 70%. These self aggrandizing bureaucrats must be stopped from subverting democracy. The actions of elections Canada increasingly discredit them in the eyes of the public. The reason is clear. grit poll numbers are down and they needed some help. So the grits have gone all out. grit minion frank graves has a "poll" showing dropping Tory support inspite of the latest Abacus poll results. elections Canada and the grit media are also trying their best to help their grit masters.

Elections Canada costs soar as votes lag

Spending up fourfold, even as fewer voters cast ballots


Spending at Elections Canada more than quadrupled over a decade, growth the agency says is a symptom of major legislative changes and minority governments.

Overall spending, expected to reach $138.6 million this year, is up from $32 million in 1998-1999.

The portion spent on programs -which goes toward enforcing party financing rules, public education and redrawing electoral boundaries, among other things -has swelled more than tenfold since the late 1990s. It's expected to soar to $30.9 million by the end of this fiscal year from $2.6 million in 1998-1999.


hatrock said...

Roy, I was just thinking this yesterday. How convenient this all is. The Libs are dirty.

Powell lucas said...

If there was ever a disgusting example of an empire building bureaucracy, Elections Canada is surely it. Would someone please tell me why Canada even needs this bloated, tyrannical, money pit. If this nation wants to get back to fiscal sanity, these are the types of governmental, money-wasting agencies that we most get rid of.

Anonymous said...

February 2010
The Harper government is openly questioning the integrity of Canada’s independent elections watchdog after a court granted Liberal leadership contenders a two-year extension to pay off their three-year-old campaign debts.

Six candidates from the 2006 leadership contest, including victor St├ęphane Dion, went to court last month to seek a reprieve until Dec. 31, 2011. The extension was granted late last week.

When six Liberal leadership candidates failed to pay off their leadership loans and had to go to court seeking further extensions – Elections Canada didn’t even show up for the hearing, though they were named in the court papers.

Nope, no bias here.

Joe said...

Who shall referee the referees? This group of referees need to be fired ASAP

Gayle said...

Sigh. Again, the Elections Act contains no provision that allows steps to be taken against candidates who do not pay their debts. I realize this kind of hurts that whole "they are picking on us" theory, but you cannot get around that.

Second, the money spent by EC is clearly increasing because of all the amendments and new regulations - many of which came in as part of the Accountability Act.

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