Thursday, February 03, 2011

School Choice

School Choice is a good idea. Schools like hospitals should compete with each other to improve quality and outcomes. a good article by Dan Mitchell.

School Choice Is a Necessary but not Sufficient Condition to Improve Educational Performance by Minority Students
February 2, 2011 by Dan Mitchell
School choice should be the civil rights issue of the 21st century. Rich people already have school choice, both because they have the ability to live in good school districts and they have the resources to send their kids to private schools. The children of poor people, by contrast, are warehoused in failing government schools.


Sandy said...

Agree. Good catch.

Doretta Wilson said...

Critics of school choice are often the same who use poverty as the excuse for failure. The Society for Quality Education believes school choice ultimately a matter of social justice.

In the words of Howard Fuller:

“Consider the impact of putting the right kind of parental choice in the hands of families who have little or no power because they control no resources, no levers of influence over the decisions and decision-making process that impacts their children’s education. Consider how this power may change the shape of the future for their children. And consider how the absence of this power may mean their children will be trapped in schools that more affluent parents who oppose choice would never tolerate for their own children.”

When Fuller spoke to the Economic Club of Toronto (during his SQE sponsored visit) he said,

“…Those of us with money have the capacity to choose and the great hypocrisy that operates are those individuals who would never put their own children in certain schools denying poor parents the capacity to do it. We have teachers who teach in schools they would never put their own children in, demanding that other peoples’ children stay there. I find that to be hypocritical. We’ve got politicians running around talking about how important the public school structure is and then you ask them, ‘Well, where do your children go to school?’"

Public schools are supposed to be the great equalizer--until your destiny is doomed by the neighborhood you live in.

Thanks for discussing this topic!

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