Saturday, February 12, 2011

Salim mansur on Toxic Multiculturalism

my Friend Salim mansur understand better than most that multiculturalism is a failed and dangferous policy for Canada.

Lies, damned lies and multiculturalism

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Maybe, just maybe, the old lion of the sceptred British Isles is showing some signs of vigour. Maybe it will yet rouse itself in defending once more the England of Henry V, Shakespeare and Churchill against the ravages of multiculturalism.

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced in Munich that "multiculturalism has failed." He had spoken similarly when he was in opposition, but this was different.

In speaking as head of government at a security conference of EU member-states, Cameron went further by indicating multiculturalism has undermined national security.

This is significant, and Cameron is the second leader, following Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, in pronouncing upon the failed policy of multiculturalism.

What will be important to see is how Cameron and Merkel propose to repeal a failed state-sponsored policy that is harmful, subversive and contrary to the core principles of liberal democracy.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to educate barbara Hall on what Shariah Law means for females and Homosexuals in Toronto.
Ms.hall has enabled the spread of Shariah in the workplace and now schools that have prayer rooms that are really mini Mosques.
Stop the HRTO now before they spit on the graves of our war dead that paid for their freedom to be stupid and sign a suicide pack with the Islamofascists.

been around the block said...

One of the things that bothers me in Western democracies: The police defend and protect the illiberal Islamists, who are shouting hate-filled slogans, holding placards with hate-filled messages, and threatening violence, while asking peaceful protesters on the other side to move along.

It's perverse and, of course, it's the result of toxic multiculturalism, where we have elevated all visible minority groups/cultures, whether or not their cultures are barbaric and a throwback to the 7th century. All cultures definitely have good things to share with Canadians and our landscape is vastly enriched by a mix of different cultures, but there's such a thing as being gullible and naive about allowing our founding cultures to be disrespected and belittled.

In the West, we've thrown the host cultures, which created democracies with freedoms and rights for all to which many visible minorities are flocking for a better life, into the basement. Ironic in the extreme, then, that certain protected visible minorities are demanding fewer freedoms, not more, for everyone -- and that we dummies (dhimmis) in the West not only put up with their demands but protect them as they agitate for them.

It's cultural suicide and shows such utter and vapid stupidity that I'm almost at a loss for words as to why we are continuing down this path to the edge of the cliff, from which we fully intend to jump to oblivion.

For what and to whose benefit?

In many ways this march to oblivion has everything to do with the fact that we in the West are ashamed of our notable past and are under the delusion -- so encouraged by the Leftists, Communists, Marxists -- that we're bad, that the democracies we have established, based on Judeo-Christian principles -- are badly flawed and we need to smarten up.

We don't know our history, only what we've been spoon-fed in our leftist public schools and universities, and so we are ill-equipped to defend ourselves. I'm so tired of tails-between-our-legs surrender monkeys in the West who have no idea of the heroism of our founding fathers and mothers, the sacrifices made to bring democratic rights and freedoms to Western countries, or the generosity of Western countries towards their own citizens and those who have chosen to leave their homelands for a better life for themselves and their families.

Our past is utterly taken for granted to the point of being almost unknown, except for the meme that "it's bad." Unfortunately, we're fast spending the moral and ethical capital bequeathed to us from our forebears and will soon be bankrupt. When we, who have benefited from the largess of Western democracies, find ourselves impoverished and enslaved, I'm sure we'll find ourselves wondering what the heck happened?

If we don't wake up soon and own our history – the ugly, the bad, and the good – if we don't rediscover pride in our history, we're doomed. It's pretty clear that if Shari'a comes to Canada, none of us will enjoy more freedoms.
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