Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ontario Hydro

in dalton mcliar's Ontario Ontario Hydro is increasing Hydro fees to make up for overcharging its customers and being caught. Why shouldn't Ontario Hydro be privatized? It;s time for a Tory government in Ontario!

Hydro rates rising to cover overcharging fines

Ontario Energy Board poised to rule on 6.2% hike

Electricity ratepayers in Ontario, already reeling from soaring prices, should brace for yet another increase.

The Ontario Energy Board is expected to rule shortly on a request from Ontario Power Generation for a 6.2 per cent increase in electricity rates effective March 1..

The Ontario Energy Board says utilities can raise rates to cover $18 million dollars in fines and court costs they had to pay after the courts ruled they were charging too high an interest rate on late payments.

The Liberal government has been under non-stop attack over rising electricity rates, especially since the HST was added to hydro bills last July, but Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday he wouldn’t be directing the OEB on the rate request.

“The OPG request is the kind of thing that will have to be considered by the Ontario Energy Board,” said McGuinty.

The New Democrats predicted increasing electricity bills will cost the Liberals seats in the Oct. 6 election, and said the OPG rate hike would have a major impact on consumers.

“It’s a huge hike and in the context of electricity prices that have already been compounded and then added to by Mr. McGuinty’s HST, it just increases the crushing burden on Ontario families,” said NDP critic Peter Kormos.

“This is crushing Ontario families and is going to be a major issue in the upcoming provincial election, and it’s something around which Mr. McGuinty has no defence for himself and the Liberals whatsoever.”

In the legislature, the Progressive Conservatives accused McGuinty of treating Ontario families “like they’re bottomless ATM machines” when it comes to electricity bills.

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