Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More on toxic multiculturalism

Senior Australian Liberals are also saying multiculturalism is failing in that country. Finally sme politicians in the west are beginning o understand the jihadi threat. If only the jihadi apologists and the jihadi enabling fourth estate would take notice.

AUSTRALIA risks becoming a nation of "ethnic enclaves" that unknowingly buys livestock slaughtered "in the name of Allah", senior Liberal MPs have warned.

Opening up a new political faultline, former immigration minister Kevin Andrews lashed out at political leaders who failed to speak out on the rise of extreme Islam, claiming the silence contributes to the rise of One Nation-type movements.

Another Liberal frontbencher, Mitch Fifield, warned of the danger of "parallel societies" developing as has occurred in Europe where hardline Muslim groups preached sharia law rather than Western values.

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