Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More on that cancelled debate

An article in the National Post. My friend in the Jewish Tribune. I was at the debate and left soon after hearing of the cancellation. The crowd had hostile elements who triumphally shouted Allah Akhbar ( some of the organizers did tell them to cool it)and even I felt somewhat threatened. Such a debate if it ever does happen should be in a more neutral setting.

(Thanks BCF)


Hoarfrost said...
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Silent Eyes said...
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been around the block said...

I wanted to see this video, but when I tried to open it this is the message I got:

This video has been removed by the user.

(Who, BTW, is "the user"?)

Roy Eappen said...

BATB it should be working now. Not sure who the user is.

been around the block said...

Cross posted at BCF, after having watched the video over there:

Thanks for the slide show, BCF! Very nice diversion from the Fatah/Bulloch shouting match.

OTOH, I understand Fatah's reluctance to either reply to Bulloch's e-mail, informing Fatah that he, Bulloch, had been "appointed" by the NAMF to moderate the debate after Karen Mock pulled out.

As Tarek Fatah pointed out to Bulloch, when asked why he hadn't responded to Bulloch's e-mail on Thursday, "I don't know you." In the same situation, I wouldn't have responded to him, either, especially as Fatah's stipulation had been that he must be consulted with about who the moderator would be.

The deck was stacked against Fatah and, in retrospect, I think he made the correct decision to back out, to have nothing to do with this rigged debate.

I still haven't found out who this "Pastor/Missionary Neil Bulloch" is. I asked Shaikh himself over at Dr. Roy's and he didn't respond to my inquiry. I'd like to know in what church this "Pastor/Missionary" Bulloch serves -- or is he a Lone-Ranger Missionary? He admits he's a regular at Shaikh's mosque, to "convert" the Muslims (as they, apparently, try to convert him), which means that he in no way was an uninterested, uninvolved, objective moderator. He admits that he's moderated debates for this mosque before and says that he had been "appointed" to moderate this debate.

He's admitted that the NAMF appointed him. End of debate with Fatah, IMO, and Fatah wins, hands down. Bulloch became a (possibly, unsuspecting) dupe for the mosque and Shaikh's side and that he doesn't recognize this on Agar's show, makes him suspect.

I still want to know who the heck this guy is. (I've tried to Google him but haven't turned up anything of interest. I still don't know with what church he's affiliated or if he's a rogue pastor, master of his own ministry.)

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